Leading media analysis since 1993, Geopress has positioned itself as a key player in its sector across many markets. Originally exclusively dedicated to the automotive and cosmetics sectors, our services have expanded gradually into all competitive markets, such as fashion, travel, alcohol, lifestyle etc.
With its high standards and tailor-made services, Geopress is well suited not only to the luxury sector but to mass distribution as well, and to local stakeholders at the same time as international companies.
Visit our website and discover our tailor-made services, including media monitoring (print, internet, social media, audio-visual etc.), analysis, copywriting and PR solutions.


With our "CLIPPING" solutions, we can deliver newspaper, internet (including social media) and audio-visual articles swiftly and in the format of your choice.
With precise classification and data organisation systems, we are able to provide our customers with different levels of in-depth analyses according to their specific needs.
We put our IT infrastructure at your disposal to help you handle your press coverage professionally while cutting down on development or maintenance costs.
Our expertise, our market knowledge and our tools servicing your PR needs!